Tuesday, May 10, 2016

My 5 Favorite Things

Here are five things that I've been using for years or have also recently invested in that I use a lllllll the time and would recommend to any girl just because I use them pretty much everyday! 
(THIS POST IS NOT SPONSORED, these are my actual opinions)

I bought mine years ago and it really gets all the grime off your face that would have been otherwise missed by just washing your face with your hands or a wash cloth. I swear by this tool! It gets all the junk off and really makes your skin radiate!

These bottles are higher end on the scale of water bottles but they are insulated and keep your water cold for 24 hours or hot for 12 hours. I've had the same Nalgene bottle since I was in sixth grade and that was before all that discovery of BPA business came around...so you could say I was due for a new water bottle. These bottles are stylish and come in tons of colors, designs and textures! They sell a bottle size that will hold an entire bottle of wine and the best part about this company is that some of the proceeds go back into organizations that help build wells and bring clean water to parts of the world that don't have drinking water! 

My friend had recently found this company on Instagram and said this planner was really great. She has always used written planners and I had always been using my phone forever. I always felt that I would dismiss things on my schedule because I would see it on my phone and forget about it and eventually never get to it…kinda like my text messages. Causing me to feel like I'm a horrible person because I'm always feel like I needed to complete so many tasks in one day and if I don't get to them all I just feel rotten. (Yes I have control issues and a constant need to feel accomplished okay!) I like this planner because it is something I can physically hold and write down my day, monthly goals and dreams, budget, my thoughts and prayers. It even has a section to mark how much water you've drank during the day and it has encouraging quotes and bible verses for each week!

I waited a long time before I picked up one of these babies up. I had been using the Wet Brush for years and was pretty pleased with it but I couldn't help but feel I had to try this brush out because I'm a hairstylist. I'm suppose to know about the greatest things right? I had heard really great things about it and have seen them in every magazine and they look cool too.Well it went on sale at Urban Outfitters for super cheap...cheaper than what I would have found it for at the supply house where I buy all my hair tools and color! So I got it, used it and I now love it! I don't think I'll ever go back to use anything else! 

This is my favorite nude lipstick I have found yet, the color is just great and lasts all day! Limecrime has a really great formula for matte lipsticks. So far of the formulas I've used this one sits at #1. It's also vegan and cruelty free! If you are not wanting to support this company because their system was hacked that's okay and you can make your own educated decision on where you'd rather do business elsewhere and if that is how you feel Colourpop makes a dupe for Cashmere that is their Lippie Stix called Tootsie and it is pretty comparable but definitely is not the same formula by any means, it's just similar in color. 

Here is another product I swear by and you had to read this blog to find out there are actually six things on this list of my favorite things instead of five. If you are grossed out by "that time of the month" kinda talk then stop reading righttttt…..now! S*** is about to get real.

If you're not grossed out by that, then continue and be a little open minded while you scroll down and finish reading the rest of this post.

You may have heard of this and thought, "ew I would never use that!" Or you've thought it's something that only feminist hippies would use. Well call me a gross feminist hippie I guess because this is my favorite, very life changing product I've used that I PERSONALLY BELIEVE WILL CHANGE THE WORLD for so many women. You'll need to google what this is because I don't want to go into super deep detail about this; but basically this product cannot kill you (when I say that I mean give you TSS), you only have to change it twice a day, you never have to travel with or purchase any other feminine "napkin", it is great for the environment, it won't harbor bacteria because they are made of silicone and they last for 10 years!

After going to Kenya and meeting girls who were LITERALLY selling their bodies to purchase pads so that they wouldn't miss school for a week every month, I knew that this type of thing could be distributed to villages all around the world….and it's happening! Believe it or not menstrual cups are being donated and given to women in these exact situations; enabling girls to NEVER sell themselves or get sick from an infection and/or die. It will help to keep them in school at all times of the year allowing them to complete their education, get a job and provide for themselves and their families. So maybe you will never use it yourself but I think this may be the future for these girls that need something like this! 

And there are my SIX favorite things! 



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