Tuesday, March 28, 2017

All About The Shoes

Let's be honest, this post is really all about these shoes. I've always been obsessed with shoes, well boots specifically... and I've never been more obsessed with any pair I've owned until these babies came into my life. The best part is that these were gifted to me from a dear friend, who obviously loves me very much! 'Cause who would ever give away a pair of new Tommy x Gigi shoes from this seasons runway show away? Uhhhh...not me!!! I am so very thankful to be a proud owner to these sexy boots! Took a look.
-Grace xo

Outfit Details:
Fringe Bag: Free People
Choker T-Shirt: Made by yours truly 
Jean Jacket: Levis (thrift find)
Crystal Necklaces: Made by yours truly
Sunnies: Thrift find

Photography by: Michael Penhale

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