Thursday, April 30, 2015

Vintage + Studs

Summer is right around the corner! Here in LA it's already 95 degrees during the day, so it already feels like summer. And summer weather means it's shorts season! As I've talked about in my last post I've found most of my wardrobe at thrift stores. As usual I can never bring myself to pay full price for something I could find cheaper or could make myself. Below are a pair of Levi cut offs I made myself and you could too!

What You'll Need:
A pair of mom jeans
Fabric scissors
Washing machine + dryer

The How To:
1. Shop the racks of mom jeans at a thrift store, find your size and try them on and make sure that they fit your waist and bum.

2. When you go home put the pants on and mark with a pencil a little longer than where you want the length to hit on your leg. (Will explain in #5)

3. Cut the pants using fabric scissors along the lines you've marked. 

4. If you choose to stud the pocket you can purchase a bag of studs online for under $10! Putting the studs in is really easy and you can place them in any design you want, be creative! You will also need pliers to lock the backs of the studs. Buy studs here!

5. Wash your shorts and tumble dry! This will fray the bottoms and because of the fray it will shorten the length of the shorts. 

6. Rock your shorts and pair them with a vintage tee and jean jacket!


All articles of clothing are vintage and were found thrifting // Perfume is from Urban Outfitters Pistachio Bruleé and it smells amazing!

You can also add fun pins to a jean jacket for extra flare

Saturday, April 11, 2015

The Hunter

I follow a lot of fashion bloggers on Instagram and I love all the cool clothes they have! But what I don't love is that literally everything they wear costs way more than I'm willing to spend. I will only drop a pretty penny if I haven't found what I'm looking for in a thrift store or it's a staple piece. I guess it is cool you can replicate the exact outfit these bloggers are wearing (if you're into that sort of thing) but you can almost always find things in thrift stores similar to what you would find brand new. Sometimes what you come across is even cooler because it is vintage and no one else will have it! Almost everything in my closet is from thrifting and I get bazillion of compliments all the time, it takes lot's of practice and patients to hunt in thrift stores…and lots of allergy medicine if you're allergic to dust bunnies like me, but it's worth it when you find little gems and you spend less than $20.

Be inspired and have fun thrifting my friends! 


Photography // Sarah Grunder Photography
Hat// Forever 21 but I got the western silver band with turquoise I got off another hat I found thrifting
Virgo Necklace// Urban Outfitters
Shirt// H&M
Pants// Acne Studios…that I also found thrifting
Booties// Thrifting…duh! And they were brand new!
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