Friday, October 3, 2014

Feliz Cumpleaños

I had my 23rd birthday recently and I was a little terrified turning another year older, seeing as the last birthday I had I cried because I was turning 22. After being 21 I didn't really think there was a birthday from here on out to look forward to. I didn't cry this year, but I did tell everyone I was turning 22 again. My husband always standing next to me, would laugh and inform everyone of my actual age. But, during the week leading up to the day of my birth I was thinking of all the really cool things I got to do this past year. My life has been full of transformation and tons of growth. I believe I've seen more places this past year than I have in my entire life! I've seen God's provision countless times, and have experienced the love of God in so many ways, through my husband, my quiet times, my family, friends, random people on during my travels, nature, fashion week and through the children and widows in Africa.

After reminding myself of all this, I wrote down all the things I hope to do this next year. This is what I wrote:
I want to learn more this year than I did the last.
I want to love myself and others more than I did yesterday.
I want to go on more adventures!
I want to be more thankful.
I want to exude more joy!
I want to know God on an even deeper level.
I want to slow down and take the time to do the things that I really enjoy and I want to discover new things to enjoy.
I want this next year of my life to be used for people to see God through me and bring more people to know and love God.

On the day of my birthday I was in Mexico with my Michael and a couple friends. Ministry was the last thing I thought I would be doing on my birthday but it was one of the best yet! Michael has partnered with our friend Jon who has been going down to Rosarito, Mexico every other weekend to pass out hygiene products, clothes and food to families and paint murals on their homes in the slums. Mike has also got in contact with a church in that area that has a torn down skatepark in the back of their property. He is now raising money for the materials he will need to rebuild this skatepark for the community!
During our time there I hung out with little boys and girls who spoke zero English (you'd think after 3 years of Spanish 1 and 2 I could speak Spanish, but I can't), we helped a church with a BBQ, skate demo, and sermon, I was sung a traditional Spanish birthday song by the church and we drove to another part of town where we passed out hygiene products, food and clothes to families in the slums. For my birthday dinner I made sure to get amazing tacos, churros and a margarita. It's pretty wild that for almost three months living in Africa with zero vaccinations I was never sick once and the one time go over the boarder for less than a day my body really hated everything I put in it! Haha sorry if that was too much.

Spending this time in Mexico I was so blessed to be with my favorite person (my husband) and I was able to be doing my favorite thing, loving and helping others. I have a feeling this birthday was a glimpse of what's in store for this next year!

-Grace xo

Mural painted by Jon Hall
Better than cake

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