Sunday, August 24, 2014

A New Season

Hey friends so to catch you all up, Mike and I were in Colorado for the month of July and we are back in LA now and have been for about 3 weeks already. Michael and I are now officially on staff with YWAM LA (Youth With A Mission). We have made a two year commitment with this organization and we will soon find out what ministries we will be working with and what country we will go to next. And I've got really exciting news to share with you all that in 10 days I will be on a flight headed to New York City to work at New York Fashion Week! Which if you don't know, it is a really big deal! I will be doing outreach with Beauty Arise and Models for Christ again, dressing models backstage, encouraging them and sharing the love of Jesus with them and other professionals in the industry. If you read my past post from LA Fashion Week it is the same kind of outreach and it gives a pretty good description of how dark this industry is.

With this particular upcoming outreach I'm really nervous. Doing ministry in an environment that is solely based on material goods, luxury, and beauty is really terrifying especially when those were things I valued so deeply and in my past found my identity in. It's hard not to get wrapped up in feeling insecure and placing your value in things that really don't define who you are as a person. But this past week God has shown me and reminded me that He lives inside me so I have no reason to be scared because He tells my worth and that He also anoints what He appoints. He has appointed my team and I in this mission so now I can rest knowing it's going to be awesome because He has His anointing over us and what we are doing. “Cast all your anxiety on Him because he cares for you.” -1 Peter 5:7

Love always,
Grace xo

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This is my ready to take on New York face

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