Sunday, December 14, 2014

Sanctum Brewing Co.

Last week some of my fellow missionary friends and I went to Sanctum Brewing Co. one of my favorite breweries in Los Angeles. We went not only to drink a beer this time but to help build an aquaponics system. My friend Noah builds aquapoincs around the world and he and the owner are the ones spearheading this project. It's really exciting because the brewery will be able to grow hops and barley in their system and with a portion of the money they raised selling beer, Noah will be able to go to other countries to build more systems in impovershied areas. (I'm crossing my fingers hoping I will be able to go with him!) It's really awesome seeing passionate people come together using their skills and the things they love to create and to bless other people!

On our down time we realized that there was so many cool places for photographs in the area surrounding Sanctum. Plus Sarah and I both happened to really like the outfit I was wearing that day…so in between working and sipping Russian Imperial Stouts, we snapped some pictures. Now I know in my last post I was wearing the same hat. I admit I wear it a lot, because I love it but partially because I hate styling and washing my hair. I also love that hat because it looks just like the one Brixton made, but I found this one in the men's department at Forever 21 for more than half of what the Brixton one costs. They are almost identical! 


Fedora// Forever 21 (sold out) or Urban Outfitters
Stripped Crop Top// Forever 21
Scarf// Thrift Store
Jean Jacket// Lauren Conrad (found mine thrifting)
Full Length Skirt w/ Slit & Buttons// Thift Store
Black Knee High Socks//Urban Outfitters
Laced Boots// Steve Madden (found mine thrifting)

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