Wednesday, January 7, 2015

DIY Distressed Boyfriend Jeans

Lately I've been getting a lot of compliments on a pair of jeans that I recently did a DIY distress look to. Boyfriend jeans are not only the most comfortable pair of pants next to sweatpants, but they are cute and go with pretty much anything and everything! Plus I've been seeing them all over the display windows at the mall and Instagram. I'm a big thriftier and almost always refuse to pay full price for clothing, so when I had seen a pair of distressed boyfriend jeans at Urban Outfitter for $80+ I knew I could find and make a pair similar to the ones I had seen for about $75 cheaper! So I found a pair of loose fitted women's jeans at the thrift store and went home a distressed them myself. Since I love the first pair I did and was asked multiple times where I got them, I distressed another pair for a step by step tutorial for you! Below are steps for my DIY Distressed Boyfriend Jean! (Sorry the pictures aren't the greatest)

My Insperation | BDG @ Urban Outfitters

 1. Find a pair of loose fitting jeans, preferably a little worn in with not a whole lot of stretch in the material.

 2. Fold the hem of the jean to the opening of the pocket and that is where you will know where the jeans hit on your knees.

 3. Place a piece of cardboard or cardstock inside the jeans where the pant leg folds at the knee. This will protect the other side when you make incisions on the front.

 4. Get an exacto knife or razor blade. Your going make multiple slices around the knee. Make your slices 1/4" inch apart and remember that the shape you cut your slices into is the shape it will have once washed. I did my largest cut horizontally along the on the fold of the knee and tapered it up and down to make a natural worn hole. You can add as many or as little holes as you want!

 5. You can add little cuts along the sides of the pockets and hems to give your jeans a natural distressed look all around.

 6. Wash your jeans and tumble dry. THEY MUST BE TUMBLE DRIED OR IT WILL NOT FRAY!

7. Roll the bottoms and rock your jeans in comfort and get compliments left and right! :)

These are the first pair I did


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