Monday, November 30, 2015

I Got Baked (Goods) in San Francisco

I went up to The Bay Area last week for Thanksgiving with my bestie, husband and our friends from Barbados (it's an island in the Caribbean…yah I didn't know either till I met them). But I felt pretty groovy walking around in my fluffy coat with my groovy gang, in a groovy city. Yah, I'm bringing back the word groovy… This is my second time to San Fran and I just love it. This time I made sure to stop by Mr. Holmes Bakehouse and had the biggest and best chocolate chip cookie of my life! It was the best mostly because it was sprinkled with sea salt! If you're ever in that part of town, go there!

Here are a mixture of photos from Sarah and myself. There is so much too see here and not enough time, so much inspiration in this place!

(Outfit details at the bottom of this post!)


Vintage Hat // I found thrifting
Sunglasses // Urban Outfitters
Fluffy Coat // Forever 21
Necklace // Free People
Shirt // Silence & Noise - Urban Outfitters
Ripped Jeans // BDG - Urban Outfitters
Booties // Anthropologie
Leather Bag // I found thrifting

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