Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Puzzle Pieces

A couple days ago I came across a story on Instagram that was really inspiring to me, it goes like this...

"Tonight I meet a man who asked me for dollar and some change. His name was Jeremiah and for the following two hours we sat under the Manhattan Bridge, ate some burgers, talked about the meaning of life, why we are all here, and where God is in all of this. Here is one thing that he shared with me: "This whole world is like a puzzle, We're all valid because we're all individual pieces that make up the puzzle. We all have a place that we fit. We're all made uniquely to validate the pieces around us and help show them who they truly are. God is good because he blesses me when he brings people like you in my life to help show me who I really am." (Story & Photo credit: @cubbygraham on Instagram)

Recently I've really come to see how important it is to be with people who push you to be the best person who can be, who God has called you to be rather. Growing up I didn't really know what this looked like. I hung out with people who were very much like me and who dabbled in the same sin I did. I spent a long time trying to battle my flesh alone with no one walking with me speaking truth to me. It's very hard to grow in life without others around to motivate you and invest in you. My husband is always pushing me to always be seeking The Lord. Often times it can be hard to break old habits and to break free from our "old selves" but when we find ourselves in uncomfortable situations and fighting our wants I think God can really use that for his glory. It's very important to be a "puzzle piece" that shows other puzzle pieces their worth and speaking truth to them. 

Unti next time, 
Gracie xo

"But now, O Lord, You are our Father; we are the clay, and You our potter; and all we are the work of Your hand." -Isaiah 64:8 

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