Friday, March 28, 2014

Faith Journey | Downtown LA

Yesterday our Kenya team was dropped off in downtown LA for a faith journey with no cell phones, a sack lunch and $5 and we had to find our way back home. We got to pray and encourage people and at the same time we got to raise money for our trip to Africa. We gave away our sack lunches to people in need and we were then blessed with free falafel wraps and strawberry lemonade from a man at an outdoor food market! I talked to a spunky little woman named Kim who felt The Lord telling her to give us bus tokens. We were given so many bus tokens that while on the bus home we were able to give all the extra tokens we had to others! So much more happened and we did a lot of other crazy things we normally wouldn't do and we experienced God in so many ways by stepping out in faith! God provided us food, money for our trip to Kenya and a way back home!

Mike and I leave to Kenya on April 7th! Can't believe it's almost here!

Until next time,

Gracie xo

 Our drawing of Africa looks more like a piece of meat...

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