Saturday, January 30, 2016

Salvation Mountain

I'm gonna do a #TBT inspired post (Throwback Thursday for you older folk who are still catching up with internet lingo) even though it is a Saturday. Let's call it... "#BackInTheDaySaturday". Kinda sounds like one of those tag lines you hear on a classic hip hop radio station, right?

Anywayyyyy my friends and I took a little road trip back in September to a magically hot place called Slab City which you may have read about in 'Into The Wild'. We visited Salvation Mountain and The Salton Sea. 
Salvation Mountain is a beautiful hill full of art and is in the middle of nowhere…literally. It's in the middle of a desert and at the time I went it was about 106 degrees. The infamous Sarah Grunder I always mention nearly had a heat stroke, luckily we got her in the car with A/C and water before anything serious happened. We laugh about it now... :)
This is one of the most amazing places I've been to, probably because I've never seen anything like it. All the dedication, the history behind this place and the creator, the love poured into it and the message it gives. (Google Leonard Knight & Salvation Moutain) AMAZING!

About 20 minutes away from Salvation we went to The Salton Sea which is actually the largest lake in California and is apparently saltier than the Pacific Ocean. It felt as if we were in the post Apocalyptic age. We were in an abandoned town right next to the lake and the shores lining the lake were covered with fish skeletons and old furniture. That place was a little unsettling ...eerie vibes for sure. 

Oh yah and those Dinosaurs you'll see below are a Dinosaur Measume and gift shop along the way to Salvation. Haha it was quite the trip!


Outfit Details 
Charcoal Tank Top- Truly Madly Deeply
Vintage Neck Tie- Thrift Store
Black Ralph Lauren Cut Off Shorts- Thrift Store
Vintage Guess Jean Jacket- Thrift Store

Photography by
Sarah Grunder + Myself

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