Friday, May 5, 2017

April Showers

So the saying goes, "April flowers, bring May flowers", well that's not so much the case here in Colorado. Instead of rain we got feet of snow, that then melts away the next day! My Instagram friend who now has become a real life friend, Kate and I did take advantage of what is hopefully the last snow day before summer (you never know though!) to play on Lookout Mountain, drink beer + eat some greasy Marquis pizza. 

Also here is footage of my newly colored hair, it is peach + yellow although sometimes it looks orange + yellow. But I didn't realize I'd look so much like my childhood hero Haley Williams, I guess dreams really do come true!

Photography: Katelyn Rose

Hat: Thrasher
Flannel: Forever 21
Yin + Yang Shirt: Truly Madly Deeply
Chino Pants: Urban Outfitters
Union Jack Boots: Dr. Martens

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