Thursday, May 11, 2017

The Little Pink Dog

In honor of Junie B.'s 16th birthday (April 28th) my little sisters and I decided to give Junie a fresh new-do by giving her a beet juice bath. Yes that little dog below is 16 believe it or not, so that makes her old af...haha 112 in dog years! 
She's the furry little sister we used to dress up and walk around the neighborhood in a stroller, have dance parties with, swaddle in blankets, our little cuddle buddy and we'd have to clean up her poop when she got into a tin of Hersey kisses from Valentines day. 
I can't imagine life without her. I still remember picking her up from the breeder and thinking she was the cutest one because she was the runt of the litter and had unique little spots of apricot on her ears and back. Now that she is pastel pink I'm even more in love with her and I think it put a little pep in her step! Haha who really knows if she is aware she is pink, all I know is she seems to be acting more like her old puppy self again!

Cheers to another year little Junie B.
I love you!

Photography by Mikey Penhale

Outfit Details:
Beanie: Brixton
Girl Power Shirt: Target
Jacket: Forever 21
Cropped Suit Pants: Theory
Union Jack Boots: Dr. Martens

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